Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reproductive Rights: Part 1

Women’s reproductive rights have once again become a major issue under the new healthcare act creating a firestorm of controversy.  Oklahoma, Nebraska, Ohio, Mississippi, Virginia, Georgia, Arizona – so far, 20 states have either passed or have pending legislation which limits, or eliminates women’s reproductive rights even though federal law made this illegal years ago.

In the interest of full disclosure, I am not a lawyer, just a concerned citizen and these are my opinions.  Although I have had instances where I trusted the wrong person(s), some of whom are now in office in my home state, I am a competent and intelligent woman with the capacity to research and understand my rights as well as make decisions. 

From a personal standpoint, I'm tired of people telling me and every other woman what we can and can't do with our own bodies.  If we don't agree with their opinion, then we’re chastised, or called foul names.  I wonder how many of those men would still be spouting this nonsense if the women in their lives, said, "sorry honey, not tonight, or actually not ever, because you think I’m incapable of making decisions regarding my basic bodily functions like reproduction, that I’m unworthy of having access to adequate health care, and, well, if I have relations with you, then according to some, I'm a sl*t!"

While I know that's it's not only men who are pushing this, the majority of our elected officials are men. Yet these politicians seem to think they know better than their female constituency what we want or need.  I would remind you that women comprise slightly over 50% of the population, and on behalf of all those women, here’s a message. WOMEN ARE NOT CHILDREN; WOMEN ARE NOT PROPERTY.  We do not need, nor do we want you making unilateral decisions regarding our reproductive rights. 

I would also remind each and every elected official of three little words:  WE THE PEOPLE.  We the people are the government of the United States of America. You, the elected official, are in office as our representative and by our grace.  We voted you into office and we can vote you out of office. You are there to carry out our wishes, not your personal agenda nor that of some special interest group. 

I also understand that there are many issues involved with laws denying women’s reproductive rights – issues such as reproductive justice, that no state may pass a law that substantially denies a right guaranteed under federal law, issues of discrimination, overpopulation, poverty, the financial burden of unplanned pregnancies on the woman and/or her family as well as the federal and state governments which is ultimately the taxpayers, including the issues of foster care and adoption.

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